Red street photos from Chiang Mai for June 2019

These were actually taken in the past but I have a lot to get through and not much time to re-size new ones for the web for fast loading. Enjoy some Chiang Mai photography from when I was a novice street photographer. All influenced by the color red:

a Chinese temple in Chiang Mai Chinatown

At Chiang Mai market under a red umbrella

People love their pets in Chiang Mai and this doggy rocked that red sweater 😉

I really like this photo  of 2 army guys hanging of a red truck (songthaew) which was taken near the Chang Phuak (north) bus station

I love faces with character in Thailand, especially if they are smiling like this nice lady

Tanin market just north of Chiang Mai's Old City has some amazing, but possibly very spicy dishes for locals and daring foreigners (tip: Thai dishes with red in are usually hot).

This monk was dressed in a very bright orange, which worked well with the tomatoes under the red umbrellas from the ladies above at Waroros Market.