Makati in Manila Street Photography

This is where it all began for me last year. I started with my phone on the first day and then took the Panasonic G7 out with the 12-32mm kit zoom the next day. I was hooked on street photography immediately and bought a black permanent marker to blacken my G7's Lumix branding to be more stealthy.

It was the best time of the year to be in Makati, the Philippines central business district, because it was Easter's Holy Week and nearly everyone was out of town. If you need to visit Manila this is the time to go.

I was nervous on my first day doing street photography in Makati, hence the wonky image and motion blur

This is my favorite from the set, love that attitude hehehe.

Street selfie

B&W felt right for my first couple of days, this place is rarely this quiet.