Chiang Mai Weird Food Photography

I am no expert when it comes to taking photos of food, but here are some of the weird (and not so weird) options available in Chiang Mai.

bugs chiang mai food
That's right, people eat these things. A yummy selection of the finest bugs Chiang Mai has to offer. 😅

duck market

local market butcher
Vegans look away. A local market butcher's stand.

edible bugs Thailand
These edible bugs look like maggots to me, now way Jose.

pork BBQ Thailand
This pork BBQ is a popular snack in Thailand

Black and White Photos from Chiang Mai

Here is a small collection of my black and white photos taken in 2017 in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai tuk tuk and umbrellas
Chiang Mai tuk tuk and umbrellas

black and white photo chiang mai
Mopeds or scooters are often the family car in Chiang Mai. Most people drive slow, so it is quite safe.

B and W mall Chiang Mai
The iconic orbs inside the Central Festival Mall