Loy Krathong Yee Peng 2017 Buddhist Monks Ceremony with Candles Video

Here is a video I finally got around to editing from last year's Loy Krathong festival here in Chiang Mai. It is a simple scene of young Monks praying with candles and lanterns surrounding them. Unfortunately there are lots of flashes from tourists, so that's one reason I won't mention the temple as I don't want it to get even busier next time. 😁


This is a Uscenes video, which means it is available for download as an MP4 video or as a computer screensaver. 


  1. Please say which temple this is located at. I only have 1 night to photograph the festival. It would mean a lot to me to capture this moment. Please share.

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  2. Hi Jane, it is Wat Phan Tao in the Old City.