Film street photography in Chiang Mai

Recently I bought a Canon rangefinder Canonet QL17. It wasn't quite for me so I changed to an Olympus XA2 film camera, which is a smaller plastic camera. It is pocketable and very simple to use. Below are crude photos of prints from my first roll of film; Kodak Pro 100, next I am trying Fujifilm.

the park has been left very nice after the annual Flower Festival
In future I will be doing much more film photography in Chiang Mai because it is fun, I love the results and it makes me slow down. It is highly recommended for any one into photography and the Olympus XA2 is a perfect camera to start with as it is so easy to use, good quality and can be found very cheap on eBay. I think mine was £30 plus postage.

a street vendor at the Chiang Mai Sunday night market (get there early to avoid crowds)

my wife Aiyah appreciating the revamped gardens in the park

the Italian guy who can often be found at Thapae Gate 😎

just film street photography

These photos were taken at the park in the old city of Chiang Mai, Sunday night market in the center of the old city and Thaepae Gate. The reason there is no sky is partly because they were shot on film, but also helped along by the Chiang Mai smokey season which affects the air at the moment with thick smog.

On my digital cameras I am now going through a black and white phase as I believe that will make me a better photographer. This is because you are forced to focus more on light and composition, rather than colours and characters which is my current way.

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