Chiang Mai Photography at Night

This stopped motorcyclist was perfect for a slow shutter speed shot to capture some rushing commuters on their way home.
There were actually three adults on this bike. They looked dressed up as if going to a party that evening.
Malin Plaza is a night market for locals, mostly students. It is very popular and even spills out onto the road.
When it rains in Chiang Mai it pours. This very wet scene was shot at the Maya Nimman Road junction (my camera only just survived the water)

Coming soon...

I just purchased this old film camera to try using film like the old street photography masters used to use. Some people say you need a rangefinder for street photography, we shall see... This camera has been referred to as the "poor man's Leica". After seeing prices in MBK mall in Bangkok last week for a third of a million Baht, I think the "normal man's Leica" is more appropriate. 😉

Canon Canonet QL17 rangefinder film camera for street photography, originally released in 1970.

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