Lovely Young Lady Posing with the Pigeons at Tha Phae Gate

I experimented with a vintage filter in my photo editing software, there is a normal version below. Tha Phae Gate (often called Thapae Gate) is always a hub of activity in Chiang Mai. It is a gate into the old city with scenic views of the moat and hundreds of pigeons to pose with.

I am used to editing photos manually so here is my edit. I like both. Do you have a preference?

Old Guy on a Scooter in Santitham, Chiang Mai

I love eccentric characters and this guy is certainly playing the part dressed all in blue on his vintage blue scooter. Santitham is an area with some used electronics shops, most of which have some cameras and lenses. The top one is a dedicated used camera shop called NN Camera on Santitham Road, opposite Tesco Lotus. Which is approximately where I was stood when I shot this photograph.