Street Photography near Tha Pae Gate - Tourist Landmark in Chiang Mai

Kids and Pigeons enjoying the always buzzing Tha Pae Gate.

This spot outside McDonalds looking towards Tha Pae Gate is a great for spotting passing local characters. Cross the road and walk towards the gate to find many people having their photo taken at this Chiang Mai landmark. You may also feed the hundreds of pigeons. 

Tourists enjoying having their photo taken just outside Tha Pae Gate. I think the mother was "weighing me up" for her daughter who seemed interested. 😉

A market vendor at the Sunday Night Market which starts at Thapae Gate, selling handicrafts made from strong leaves, maybe from the bamboo tree?

A proud looking market stall owner not far from Thapae Gate. Every Sunday night it turns into an enormous market with many superb things to buy. We bought many Christmas presents there this year and shipped them back to the UK.

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