Young Monks in the center of Chiang Mai's Old City at Phra Singh Temple

The monk on the right has an interesting look on his face, a knowing look perhaps? Whilst his fellow monk has a more serene vibe. 
Phra Singh Temple is one of the most visited temples in Chiang Mai. The grounds are beautiful. This day was a special celebration, of which there are many in Thailand. There are monks walking around all over Chiang Mai, thanks to the hundreds of beautiful temples.

Buddhism is one of the reasons why Thai people are loved by so many foreigners. The rich culture of Buddhists is very prevalent in the city. Visiting Chiang Mai just for the temples is worth it. A favorite of mine is Wat Lok Moli, just outside the north west of the old city, which is an old temple complex and close to where I have stayed.

Yesterday it was the Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market and I visited Wat Sri Suphan for the first time. It is possibly the most spectacular of the Buddhist temples I have visited. I have a backlog of photos to get through (I took over 300 last night alone), but I will certainly have some photos of these temples and people at them soon.

Although I have a large backlog of photos to get through, I shall post ones from the Loy Krathong and Yee Peng festivals just after they take place between the 2nd to 5th November. This time we shall be visiting the river Ping to see the floating lanterns in the water, plus the larger flying lanterns in the sky. It promises to be a spectacular event, with 4 days of cultural and religious celebrations including traditional dancing and other entertainment.

For now let's have a look at the beautiful interior of the temple at Wat Phan Tao, where I hope to capture the sight of monks spread out with candles beside water and letting off lanterns on the 2nd or 3rd of November.

Wat Phan Tao in the Old City. Home to this beautiful old temple and very special outdoor ceremonies with monks besides water. 

Chiang Mai Market Photo

There are lots of colorful markets in Chiang Mai. Perfect places for street photography with a wide lens. All are covered making them good spots in the rainy season 😉

The most popular stall in Thanin market. I love the pak choi with garlic and pork, one portion on its own with no rice. Alternatively, if you are in the mood for carbs, you can buy a mini rice for just 3 Baht at the next stall down.
I have made a photo album on the Facebook page click here to view many market photos in Chiang Mai.

Blind Musicians at Sunday Night Market in Chiang Mai

A blind band who play at the Sunday night market which starts at Thapae Gate, the heartbeat of Chiang Mai tourism.

A line of Tuk Tuks

These iconic Thai taxis are possibly dying off with the rise of Uber and Grab. Persoanlly I hope they can integrate the tuk tuks into the service as they are usually colorful. These ones were shot in the rain in Udon Thani, on the way back to Chiang Mai from a visa run to Laos.
Tuk tuk styles vary across the country with these being from the north east of Thailand.

Here is a typical Chiang Mai style tuk tuk with a driver taking a break. I am unsure if he is doing the "OK" sign or looking through the hole in his fingers as he saw me photographing him. He was certainly chilling out in the shade, which was fair enough on a boiling hot June day in Chiang Mai.

Loy Krathong Lanna Festival Yi Peng Lanterns Chiang Mai

At the full moon every 12th Thai month, you can witness amazing scenes such as these lanterns floating into the sky. Literally, thousands of lanterns are let off across the city. Many around Buddhist temples with monks participating in ceremonies to celebrate Loy Krathong.

An old photo so excuse the quality, but I just had to share this amazing sight from the Yee Peng event at festival time. Breathtaking!
This year (2017) this event may not be happening although it is always very hush hush. There is a tourist event which is similar to the south of Chiang Mai. Once is enough however, as the crowds are unbelievable and it is very easy to lose your companions.

This year the festivals take place between the 2nd and 5th of November. The place to be should be along the River Ping for candles in the water and lanterns being let off into the air. It is a thrilling sight and the concept behind the letting off of the lanterns and water candles is well worth reading about.

Basically, the floating water candles are your worries flowing away and you can make a wish for a better future for others and yourself. The lanterns are for making "merit" and it is best that you read up on this subject to understand it better: .

I highly recommend learning about the Thai religious traditions which make far more sense to me, compared to the medieval and ancient religions of other parts of the world. Buddhism is less of a religion and more of a philosophy; a logical way to lead a better life through compassion and understanding the truths of life.

The elderly are respected and rightly so for being wiser. Whereas in the west we tend to have a more arrogant outlook as youths, leading to more mistakes and lack of progress mentally. Buddhism is a religion which can work in harmony with science, unlike most others who contradict it.

The events take place when there is a full moon. There will be street processions and beauty contests, plus dancing and many more traditional activities to celebrate. But more importantly, the festival is about celebrating the beauty of Thai Buddhist culture and learning how to improve yours and others lives by letting negativity go and positivity in. I shall be sure to post many photographs in early November and fingers crossed I will be able to capture a relaxing video or two for Uscenes too.

Lovely Young Lady Posing with the Pigeons at Tha Phae Gate

I experimented with a vintage filter in my photo editing software, there is a normal version below. Tha Phae Gate (often called Thapae Gate) is always a hub of activity in Chiang Mai. It is a gate into the old city with scenic views of the moat and hundreds of pigeons to pose with.

I am used to editing photos manually so here is my edit. I like both. Do you have a preference?

Old Guy on a Scooter in Santitham, Chiang Mai

I love eccentric characters and this guy is certainly playing the part dressed all in blue on his vintage blue scooter. Santitham is an area with some used electronics shops, most of which have some cameras and lenses. The top one is a dedicated used camera shop called NN Camera on Santitham Road, opposite Tesco Lotus. Which is approximately where I was stood when I shot this photograph.