Street Photos in Laos and ThailandLaos Tuk Tus look

Laos Tuk Tuks look a little different 
Mochi ice cream buns are delicious

We love the colors in the markets and I love making teas and tisanes

Taking a photo of Aiyah along some bells at a temple in the Old City

Rounded shapes which appealed to me in a mall

Chiang Mai Photography - 5 random shots

lots of characters bussing around the streets of Chiang Mai

Missed focus but I like the calmness of the monk

Aiyah buying some delicious Pad Thai - she has to specify no peanuts

Chiang Mai is quite flat, perfect for cycling

I thought I would experiment with this one and actually quite like it, what do you think?

Makati in Manila Street Photography

This is where it all began for me last year. I started with my phone on the first day and then took the Panasonic G7 out with the 12-32mm kit zoom the next day. I was hooked on street photography immediately and bought a black permanent marker to blacken my G7's Lumix branding to be more stealthy.

It was the best time of the year to be in Makati, the Philippines central business district, because it was Easter's Holy Week and nearly everyone was out of town. If you need to visit Manila this is the time to go.

I was nervous on my first day doing street photography in Makati, hence the wonky image and motion blur

This is my favorite from the set, love that attitude hehehe.

Street selfie

B&W felt right for my first couple of days, this place is rarely this quiet. 

Chiang Mai Weird Food Photography

I am no expert when it comes to taking photos of food, but here are some of the weird (and not so weird) options available in Chiang Mai.

bugs chiang mai food
That's right, people eat these things. A yummy selection of the finest bugs Chiang Mai has to offer. 😅

duck market

local market butcher
Vegans look away. A local market butcher's stand.

edible bugs Thailand
These edible bugs look like maggots to me, now way Jose.

pork BBQ Thailand
This pork BBQ is a popular snack in Thailand

Black and White Photos from Chiang Mai

Here is a small collection of my black and white photos taken in 2017 in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai tuk tuk and umbrellas
Chiang Mai tuk tuk and umbrellas

black and white photo chiang mai
Mopeds or scooters are often the family car in Chiang Mai. Most people drive slow, so it is quite safe.

B and W mall Chiang Mai
The iconic orbs inside the Central Festival Mall

Street Photography in Vientiane Laos

We have to go and get our visa renewed in a few days, so I am scheduling this post with some photos from our last trip. Now that I have just bought a Fuji camera for street photography I will be taking full advantage whilst in Laos. We even booked an extra night so I can explore more of the less touristy spots.

street photography woman oriental hat in Laos
Street photography in Vientiane is very rewarding with interesting local dress and culture

tuk tuk driver sleeping asia
The heat seems to be worse in Laos in May, making many tuk tuk drivers want to curl up in their hammocks in the middle of the day.

Vientiane is never short of unique street scenes

street photography laos tuk tuks
The tuk tuks are shaped like this in Vientiane. Aiyah is to the right snapping away.
We shall get some more photos added from our forthcoming Laos trip very soon. We are staying farther away from the river this time to experience more of the "real" Vientiane.

Chiang Mai Street Photography 2018

street photography chiang mai
Nice lady at Thapae Gate
street photography chiang mai warorot market
This is always the busiest stall in Warorot Market.
street photography chiang mai night market
A happy chef at a night market in Chiang Mai