Red street photos from Chiang Mai for June 2019

These were actually taken in the past but I have a lot to get through and not much time to re-size new ones for the web for fast loading. Enjoy some Chiang Mai photography from when I was a novice street photographer. All influenced by the color red:

a Chinese temple in Chiang Mai Chinatown

At Chiang Mai market under a red umbrella

People love their pets in Chiang Mai and this doggy rocked that red sweater 😉

I really like this photo  of 2 army guys hanging of a red truck (songthaew) which was taken near the Chang Phuak (north) bus station

I love faces with character in Thailand, especially if they are smiling like this nice lady

Tanin market just north of Chiang Mai's Old City has some amazing, but possibly very spicy dishes for locals and daring foreigners (tip: Thai dishes with red in are usually hot).

This monk was dressed in a very bright orange, which worked well with the tomatoes under the red umbrellas from the ladies above at Waroros Market. 

Chiang Mai Markets Photography

Bubbly guy selling food at a night market in Chiang Mai, just north of the old city.

This was a heavy crop, using a vintage lens, but I loved his face peeking out of the colorful clothes racks.

One of the many friendly market sellers inside the main indoor market in Chiang Mai (Waroros)

Not sure if this lady was tired after a hard day at the market, or perplexed by something? 😀
A used camera stall, you can find lots of vintage camera lenses and film cameras from various sellers in Chiang Mai

Thailand Street Photography in Black and White

I don't recall if this attractive woman was captured in an airport or mall

A nice old man whose shop I buy iced tea ingredients from

Stylish dude in basement car park

Cute kid with his mum on a motorbike

A character at the rainy bus station in Udon Thani on our way back from a Thai visa run

Street Photos in Laos and ThailandLaos Tuk Tus look

Laos Tuk Tuks look a little different 
Mochi ice cream buns are delicious

We love the colors in the markets and I love making teas and tisanes

Taking a photo of Aiyah along some bells at a temple in the Old City

Rounded shapes which appealed to me in a mall

Chiang Mai Photography - 5 random shots

lots of characters bussing around the streets of Chiang Mai

Missed focus but I like the calmness of the monk

Aiyah buying some delicious Pad Thai - she has to specify no peanuts

Chiang Mai is quite flat, perfect for cycling

I thought I would experiment with this one and actually quite like it, what do you think?

Makati in Manila Street Photography

This is where it all began for me last year. I started with my phone on the first day and then took the Panasonic G7 out with the 12-32mm kit zoom the next day. I was hooked on street photography immediately and bought a black permanent marker to blacken my G7's Lumix branding to be more stealthy.

It was the best time of the year to be in Makati, the Philippines central business district, because it was Easter's Holy Week and nearly everyone was out of town. If you need to visit Manila this is the time to go.

I was nervous on my first day doing street photography in Makati, hence the wonky image and motion blur

This is my favorite from the set, love that attitude hehehe.

Street selfie

B&W felt right for my first couple of days, this place is rarely this quiet. 

Chiang Mai Weird Food Photography

I am no expert when it comes to taking photos of food, but here are some of the weird (and not so weird) options available in Chiang Mai.

bugs chiang mai food
That's right, people eat these things. A yummy selection of the finest bugs Chiang Mai has to offer. 😅

duck market

local market butcher
Vegans look away. A local market butcher's stand.

edible bugs Thailand
These edible bugs look like maggots to me, now way Jose.

pork BBQ Thailand
This pork BBQ is a popular snack in Thailand